"Rossiyskaya gazeta" edition. Chapter "Auto"

What is free that is dangerous

23 October 2011

Social videos about road safety frightened the TV channels.

Videos which were the winners of international festivals, Grand prize holders on the Paris TV ads festival didn't appeared on Russian television. The directors of our mass media considered that social ad videos about road safety too brutal.

Author: Vladimir Barshev

Publication date: 23.03.2009


"Gazeta.spb" Internet edition

State traffic police social ad was not taken "on the air" because of its brutality

23 October 2011

Directors of traffic police of St. Petersburg desided to combat with traffic offenders using very frightful and obvious agitation. Policemen created some videos which were really brutal. It is uncertain is it possible to show such videos on TV or not.

Publication date: 18.03.2009


Rossiyskaya Gazeta

The bus, incompatible with life

10 October 2011

First time in history - series of criminal cases was opened because of public transport dangerous condition.

First in the criminal article were mentioned buses. In Moscow were opened five cases, in Russia - more than fifteen. 

If the automobiles come to their routes in the emergency condition - there will be real judgment so that to prevent services that don't meet the requirements of life and health.

Author: Vladimir...


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