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Inspection of Traffic safety policemen

23 October 2011

It is important to install video registrators on patrol cars of policemen.

The installation is bad for drivers which don't obey the rules and for policemen which take bribes. This step is very important for reduction of corruption and increasing of road safety.

Author: Konstantin Kobyakov

Publication date: 12.10.2011


"Rossiyskaya gazeta" edition. Chapter "Auto"

Accident according to one's wish

23 October 2011

Tt was suggested in State duma to introduce the criminal liability for accidents according to one's wish.

Project of penal code changes was sent to government and Supreme court.

Author: Vladimir Barshev

Publication date: 18.10.2011


State traffic police official web site

Road and drinking are incompatible

05 October 2011

Near 750 people died on Russian roads during the last six months because of drunk drivers. According to statistics about 4519 accidents due to this reason happened in Russia during this period. It is 9,3% less that last year. In these accidents 743 people died, 6600 were injured.

Publication date: 05.08.2011


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