Vasiliy Gulin
Chief redactor of the "Nasha versiya" newspaper

Stay in line you son of a bitch!

31 October 2011

The issue of sons of bitches staying in line still remains open. On the eve of the centenary of its original formulation nothing has changed although admittedly we are now addressing it on a innovative level. A simple example of a traffic light. And, let's assume for the sake of an argument, that it allows driving to the left. Everyone knows how the situation develops but I will remind you just in case. First, in the left lane a queue of drivers is formed who for some reason honor the...

Masha Traub
Writer, journalist

No hands

05 October 2011

I had a best friend Tanya. We got back in first college year passing the entrance exams and for five years since then learned how to guess thoughts and moods of each other. Tanya was a beautiful, happy and daring; she lived each day as the last one. This feature of her character to find time for enjoying was fascinating to me. Only she could visit me at eleven at night and pull me outside to a movie or just to the park to have look at the starry sky. Only she could make me laugh till my...

Margarita Kondratyeva
"Movement for Safe Traffic" member

Not you, rest assured

02 October 2011

Most of my friends and family members own cars. And almost all have children. They all live in Moscow making good money. My friends pursue different careers: they are lawyers and managers, journalists and designers, teachers and doctors. Typical middle class. Most of them carry the children in car seats. Especially - the babies. Especially when they drive long hauls. Most of my friends have an important exception to the rule. "You can skip fastening at the territory of the holiday village"....


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