Congratulation with International Children`s Day

01 June 2016

Dear friends!

Heartily, I congratulate you with International Children's Day!

This is your day, and I hope that, it will be filled with attention and care of relatives, pleasant surprises, happy anticipation of the holidays starting soon and meeting friends.

Here is entire summer of opportunities, as well as great responsibility. Wherever you go, for a walk or meeting, you should remember the rules of the road safety. Sometimes much depends on your conduct and even life.

As soon as you came out of the entrance or gates of the house, you should be especially attentive. Walking around the car, bus, or running across the road on a crosswalk, do not forget to look around. If you or your younger siblings under the age of 12, then you have a right for personal car seat in the car. And you shouldn`t stay in the cabin alone, even for a moment. No one should be alone in a closed car.

Remind your parents, that a purchase of new bicycle – is an excellent opportunity to get a great helmet. In the evening, wear bright clothes, so you will be noticed not only by your friends, but also by passing cars. Use reflective badges and play in those places, which provided for games.

Ask your parents to tell you about road terms and concepts, the meaning of signs and other elements of the road. Be persistent! As you are already independent and have a right to know everything.

Share new knowledge with your friends. Perhaps, you will not only earn their respect, but also will be a real hero, who protected them from dangerous situations.

Once again, I congratulate you, and hope that this day will bring many good and positive emotions!


A president of non-governmental organization

“Road Safety Russia”

Natalia Agre 



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